Tube Bosses Want Driverless Jubilee Line In Three Years, Unstaffed Stations And Mass Ticket Office Closures Across Network

The Document is attached below

"RMT is demanding cast-iron assurances that this ... be dumped for good and we will have no hesitation in taking the action required to stop this" - Bob Crow

A SHOCKING INTERNAL LU document, released by tube union RMT today, exposes a secret agenda to move the entire Jubilee Line to driverless operation within three years, trialled later this year - with the other deep level tube lines to follow - without even train captains on board, to run stations unstaffed and to close ticket offices the length of the line.

The blueprint, drawn up by the senior management of LU under pressure from Mayor Boris Johnson to meet his manifesto commitment of “driverless operation”, was mapped out towards the end of last year for implementation, RMT believes, after the Mayoral election without a shred of consultation with the trade unions or the recognized structures.

The document is called “Deep Tube Railway – Generic Operations and Maintenance Concept – 2020” and its core proposals are:

  • “To produce an operating concept for a world class railway founded on unattended train operation” page 6, para 1.1 Operating trains “without manual intervention” Page 17, para 5.3.1
  • A wholesale move to “travel pass vending machines” Page 30, para 5.6.2. There would no ticket offices, just machines and help points wired to a call centre.
  • Many stations would be left unattended (page 62) and would be opened and closed by PA and remote buttons.

    RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

    “This is Boris Johnson’s driverless and de-staffed plan for the future of the tube in the raw and it is a lethal combination of cash-led cuts and ignorance that would leave Londoner’s riding a daily death trap.

    “The plan talks about “unattended trains” on lines where breakdowns and failures are a regular occurrence and where de-training through dark and dangerous tunnels is a fact of life.

    “The proposals seek to rip up every safety rule in the book – leaving stations unstaffed in contradiction of long-standing regulations and having the trains run by remote control from signal boxes.

    “Now that the truth of Boris Johnson’s hidden agenda for London Underground is out in the daylight RMT is demanding cast-iron assurances that this whole poisonous cocktail of proposals has been dumped for good and we will have no hesitation in taking the action required to stop this politically and cash-led drive towards total chaos beneath London.”

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