Fleet staffing levels concern

1st of March


Further to my previous Circular (IR/374, 22nd December 2023), the Union has raised the issue of Fleet Staffing Levels with LUL and data suggests that only 80% of positions in Fleet Depots are currently filled.

This practice of not filling vacancies is putting enormous strain on Fleet Grades members to cover the workload and keep the train fleets moving. Also the restrictions on transfers is having a significant detrimental effect by creating unnecessarily long waiting lists.

Bakerloo News March 2024

Bakerloo News is the newsletter for workers on the Bakerloo Line, produces by RMT activists.

In this edition:

  • RMT wins improved pay deal: now let’s fight for 2024-5!
  • Solidarity on International Women’s Day 2024
  • Resist attacks on Fleet jobs
  • And much more

Please download the attached newsletter to read all about it. You can also print it out and share it in your Bakerloo Line workplace.

Support subcontracted track maintenance workers on the Tube

Dear colleagues,

REMINDER: Add your name to the petition in support sub-contracted track maintenance workers on the Tube: http://tinyurl.com/53t6ct2y

Thanks to everyone who has already added their name to this important petition. Time is short in this campaign. London Underground is re-tendering the contracts for track maintenance on the Tube now and new contracts are due to be awarded in March this year.

Final, final pay rise agreed following RMT industrial determination

Tube union, RMT secured a pay rise on LU following threats of mass strike action.

Representing around 10,000 members on the network, the lowest paid will see their wages rise by between 8-10%.

Other workers will see a 5% rise with consolidated payments of £1000.

Those members on less than £40,000 will get an additional consolidated payment.

RMT also secured progress towards enhanced travel facilities on national rail services.

RMT Protect Insurance- Presentation at Hammersmith & City branch in February

I am pleased to announce that John Eccles, a representative from RMT Protect, plans to attend the Hammersmith & City February Branch Meeting, on Wednesday 7th February from 1500hrs (usual time date and venue), to give a presentation and answer questions on 'RMT Protect' products and services.

The main benefits that will be covered in the presentation are: 

Detrainment dispute - last chance to vote YES YES

A ballot paper is posted into a red post box

25th January 2024

Dear RMT Member

Removal of Detrainment Staff – London Underground         



The closing date for the ballot is Thursday 1st February – so if you haven't done so already – now is the time to vote. I urge you all to vote ‘YES’ to protect your safety and the safety of your colleagues and passengers. Please post your ballot paper today.

Rail cuts cost lives - write to your MP

Dear colleague,

This year sees the beginning of the next five-year funding period from 2024 to 2029 on our railway called Control Period 7 (CP7). The UK and Scottish Government's alongside Network Rail and the Office of Rail and Road have been going through a process to agree and decide how much money is available for our railway for the next five years and their proposals are shocking and pose significant risks to the safety and performance of our railway.