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Swine Flu - NHS Advice

You'll probably be aware that Mayor Boris Johnson held a 'Swine Flu Summit' yesterday to address concerns. No trade unions were represented.

Meanwhile, LUL's Director of Safety is insisting there is no need to meet your safety representatives over the issue and that the entire thing is exaggerated.

Aside from the fact that the employer has a legal duty to consult safety representatives on your behalf, we believe the Director of Safety, Mike Strzelecki, to be improvident and irresponsible.

Affected by the Job-Cutting OCR? Advice from RMT ...

Advice for RMT Members regarding the Operational Cost Review (OCR)
Read the text below, and download the advice as an A4 sheet

The RMT is deeply concerned at LUL's announcement that they are getting rid of 970 so called “back room staff” as part of an operational cost review. It is a disgrace that at a time when billions of pounds are being found to subsidise the banks, London's Railway Infrastructure and Services are being cut back.