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Health & Safety Reps: the 'Brown Book'

Click '1 attachment' / file name to download the 'Brown Book', which sets out the rights of health and safety representatives.

On a personal note, the reason that I have posted this today is that the 1977 regulations, which gave these rights to safety reps, were brought in by Labour Secretary of State for Employment Albert Booth, my uncle, who sadly died this morning.

Refusal To Work on Safety Grounds During Tube Lines Strike

Tube Lines are responsible for the Emergency Response Unit that covers the entire network and is fundamental to the safe running of London Underground. To ensure your own safety and that of others during the period of industrial action you are advised to approach your management prior to carrying out your duties for assurances that a safe system of work is in place.

Play it Safe and Keep Your Job

Partly as a result of what has happened to Mercy [Odisi, former RMT rep, Green Park Group] our branch [Finsbury park] has decided to produce the following guidance for SAMFs which, if followed, should protect ticket office staff from suffering the same fate as befell Mercy:

1. Be extra careful with money transfers and float/deposit safe audits.

2. If you are doing POMs and are unhappy with the amount you have taken, compared with the amount recorded that you have taken, log it and tell ESAF on the autophone.

Important Safety Information for Jubilee Line Drivers

1996stock Please find the following Important Safety Information from the Regional Organiser


Dear Colleagues,

We need to advise you that Jubilee Line train maintainers at Stratford Market Depot, Neasden and Stanmore will be taking industrial action for 24 hours from 19.29 hours on Wednesday 24th January. This will be repeated the following Sunday to Monday, and every Sunday/Monday for three months.

Their dispute is due to the fact that their Northern Line counterparts get paid considerably more money for doing the exact same job.

This dispute could have serious implications for the safety of the trains that will be offered for service during and following the industrial action.

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