Swine Flu - NHS Advice

You'll probably be aware that Mayor Boris Johnson held a 'Swine Flu Summit' yesterday to address concerns. No trade unions were represented.

Meanwhile, LUL's Director of Safety is insisting there is no need to meet your safety representatives over the issue and that the entire thing is exaggerated.

Aside from the fact that the employer has a legal duty to consult safety representatives on your behalf, we believe the Director of Safety, Mike Strzelecki, to be improvident and irresponsible.

Management are sending mixed messages to staff as to what to do if you believe you have contracted swine flu. Yesterday, we came across a case where a member of staff was sufferring from a sore throat and her entire family has contracted swine flu. She was told by management that she only needs to spend time off is she is actually diagnosed with swine flu!!

Attached is the advice from the NHS. IF IN DOUBT - STAY AT HOME!

Further updates will be circulated as the situation develops.

Unjum Mirza Secretary Stations and Revenue Safety Council