Affected by the Job-Cutting OCR? Advice from RMT ...

Advice for RMT Members regarding the Operational Cost Review (OCR)
Read the text below, and download the advice as an A4 sheet

The RMT is deeply concerned at LUL's announcement that they are getting rid of 970 so called “back room staff” as part of an operational cost review. It is a disgrace that at a time when billions of pounds are being found to subsidise the banks, London's Railway Infrastructure and Services are being cut back.

Talks between the RMT and LUL have faltered as RMT representatives have made the following demands:

  • Any talks on the job losses MUST include a safety assessment on the impact of any cuts, particularly when large numbers of engineering and safety jobs are threatened.
  • All discussion MUST be meaningful. The last meetings with LUL were a sham, with it being clear that anything the trade unions said would be ignored by LUL. This was highlighted by the fact that identical presentations were also being given to the staff immediately after the meeting. Meaningful Consultation is something that LUL are obliged to do by Law.
  • LUL MUST abide by the “PPP Code of Practice, Annexe H” often called the ‘jobs for life’ deal which was fought for and won by the RMT and ASLEF. Management have made it clear that they want rid of this agreement and are ignoring it by implementing the TfL Organisational Change Process (OCP). The RMT does not accept this process that leaves our members without a job following a very short job hunting period.

We are demanding urgent talks on the above issues

In the meantime:

  • Please do NOT attend any one to one meetings without having an RMT representative with you. If you can't arrange representation immediately the meeting must be postponed.
  • Let your local reps know which category you have been put into ie. 'At Risk', 'Hybrid' or 'Mapped' to a strange job; telling them the dates of any management briefings and any requests to submit CVs or invitations to CV coaching sessions.

For further help please contact (or any RMT rep):
Roy Carey 07764 650 874 LUL MATs Rep
Jackie Darby 07826 746 733 Metronet Engineering & Safety
Eleanor Donaldson 07908 490 838 Metronet Support Services
Rob Hinton 07739 078 619 Metronet Asset Renewal
Paul Jackson 07810 643 681 LU Engineering Branch Secretary