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TfL No1 Branch Newsletter - Why We Are Taking Industrial Action.

From TfL No1 Branch Secretary Linda Wiles. You can download the original version of the newsletter which is attached below this article

"Management aren't treating us with the dignity and respect we deserve by trying to break existing agreements"

Recognised members in Travel Information Call Centre, Travel Information Centres, all areas of Oyster, Lost Property Office & Customer Services voted 63% in favour of strike action and 77% in favour of action short of the strike.

This is a decisive mandate for industrial action and a clear message that TfL RMT members will fight to defend their current terms & conditions and for the fair and decent reward they deserve for the additional Olympic and Paralympic workloads.

Service Control Strike Newsletter

The attached document has been updated, please display this version, not the earlier one as it has been improved.

London Underground

  • Refuse to give YOU any financial protection when they close your control room or signal cabin!
  • Will displace you to any job or grade that suits them!
  • They will send you anywhere in London to do any job!

Stations and Revenue Control Safety Council Staff Side Update June 2012

From RMT & TSSA representatives on the Stations And Revenue Control Safety Council

Multi OLBI’S Sites (station back up power)

Rule book 12, emergency response to power failure - “Where a station has more than one OLBI, it might not be needed to shut the whole station to customers. If any part of the station which is not covered by the defective OLBI can be closed to customers, then the rest of the station may be able to remain open”.

Pro Forma For Drivers Expressing Wish To Work Within Frameworks During Olympic Period

Pro forma is attached below

By now most of you will have received a copy of an expression of interest form circulated by LUL asking Drivers to give their preferences for working additional shifts over the Olympic period, in breach of our framework agreements. This form claims its distribution has been agreed with the Trade Unions whereas only ASLEF has agreed. RMT continues to be in discussions with LUL over our claims for Olympic recognition and reward.

LU / ASLEF ‘Expression Of Interest’ Document

Click on the attachment to download advice for RMT drivers. Main body of text follows...

All RMT members please be aware that an ‘expression of interest’ document is circulating in depots asking all drivers to state what shifts and or breaches of framework agreements you are prepared to work during the Olympics and Paralympics.



Recruitment Plan For Canteen and Cleaner Staff

There are small group of reps and activists who are attempting to actively recruit cleaners and canteen staff in the london transport region.

Sodexo canteen workers have put in for a recognition agreement, their management have agreed dependant us on getting 50% +1 members, if we do not get the required number of members we will be barred from going for recognition again for 3 years.

Cleaners are to be balloted shortly due to a number of issues including an olympic recognition bonus which makes our task even more important.

RMT Guidance On LUL Drugs & Alcohol Policy

Following abuses by management of the drug and alcohol procedure, your RMT reps on the Trains Funcional Council have produced the attached guidance document for your attention.


Following recent abuses of the D & A procedure on the Piccadilly Line were drivers
have been routinely tested following a SPAD and in one instance where a driver was
tested for taking a train out of service, agreement has been reached at the Trains
Functional Council on February 10 th 2012. The Trains Functional Council agreed that

Staffing Concerns And Trade Union Involvement - An Open Letter To LUL Managing Director Mike Brown

An open letter has been sent by RMT Stations and Revenue Council Safety Council Staff Side Secretary Ross Marshall to LU Managing Director Mike Brown.

The letter regards "The comments.... made in relation to several questions regarding staffing levels, the current review on stations, the fact that LU had presented the OSP plans as a fait accompli and other problems related to the OSP." Questions are also being asked about the review of staffing levels at a handful of stations, and why the RMT is not being involved with on this review.

Click 'read more' to see the letter or download the attachment for the original document.