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Stations and Revenue Control Safety Council Staff Side Update June 2012

From RMT & TSSA representatives on the Stations And Revenue Control Safety Council

Multi OLBI’S Sites (station back up power)

Rule book 12, emergency response to power failure - “Where a station has more than one OLBI, it might not be needed to shut the whole station to customers. If any part of the station which is not covered by the defective OLBI can be closed to customers, then the rest of the station may be able to remain open”.

We do not believe there had been proper consultation on this issue. Having now discussed this with management, they have agreed to compile a Change Assurance Plan for the Council to comment on.

New Style GLAPs

In 2008 LUL started working on a design for new style GLAPS. However, the end result is not as agreed at the original consultation in 2008. Original agreement was that the new Glaps would have the same facilities and equipment as the old style Glaps. There is a major issue with the heating, with the “heater” being only a 60watt bulb. We are aware many of you find the new GLAPS very cold. We are trying to get this matter dealt with now, the summer, instead of waiting for the winter.

CCEPS Being Changed with proper consultation or justification

Over the last few months, CCEPs at several locations have been changed without proper consultation or justification, the main points being.

  1. Reps not being given any safety reasoning whatsoever as to why the CCEP can be changed.
  2. Emergos not being held at several locations.
  3. CCEPs being changed overnight without anybody knowing (in one case the GSM didn't even know) or local consultation taking place.
  4. GSMs not respecting the machinery and just “imposing” at will.

We have raised this matter, both the principle and at individual locations, and are now awaiting a directors meeting on the subject.

Problems with London Overground and First Capital Connect

Several stations have reported problems with staffing, emergency response and command and control of the above. Several meetings have taken place and a final outcome should be with us soon, with we hope, substantial benefits to staff

NON Section 12 Stations that have fire panels and/or complex layouts

Stations, the like of Golders Green, Harrow on the hill and Hammersmith (the total list is nearly 60) that don't have the “section 12” staff requirements but do have final panels and or complex layouts, should, in our opinion, have min staff levels to evacuate and run. After several discussions with management, local line SQE advisors, along with local reps will be doing a full review of the fire risk assessment of each location, results to follow.

Local Borough council litter wardens

Several boroughs including Hillingdon and Islington have now got litter wardens (Civil enforcement
officers) who have the power to enforce bylaws, mainly the Environmental Protection act by issuing fix penalty notices of £80 for anybody dropping litter etc.

Whilst we support cleaner areas and litter reduction, there have several reports of these wardens running onto our stations, chasing people, “vaulting” U T S gates and harassing customers. This has caused obvious problems for station staff.

We are working on an agreeable fix for all concerned with management and LUL legal.

Staff assisting members of the public with luggage

Following on from an incident, can we remind staff that they should take extra care if they help members of the public with their luggage. It is not in your job description. We are not porters. We don't have manual handling training, and most importantly, if you get injured, it will NOT go down as an accident on duty and you could receive a warning (as what happened in the quoted incident). Remember - conditions of carriage clearly state that passengers should not bring anything on to the tube if they can't carry it themselves.

This is especially important to remember as the Olympics are coming up.

Station Familiarisations

We take this opportunity to remind staff of what to expect during station familiarisation. Despite what local managers may tell you, there are not different levels of familiarisations for different grades of staff. There is only one Standard for familiarisation. This includes a full familiarisation of the whole station, all escape routes and emergency procedures. There have been several incidents of GSMs claiming that the only information staff need to know is the location of the SAP/RVP. This is obviously incorrect. (One large/complex station that would normally take 2 days to be familiarised at was said to take 70 minutes by the local GSM).

Some of the larger stations can be very complex. When you sign the Station Familiarisation Certificate, you are signing to say you “have adequate knowledge to work at this station following my station familiarisation training, and have had explained and shown to me the items appropriate to this station as indicated on the Station Supervisor’s checklist”. If you are not happy, DON’T SIGN the form. If you have not worked at a large/complex station for a long period of time you can ask to be refamiliarised even if you current familiarisation is in date.

The same applies to the Station Supervisor who carries out the familiarisation. You are signing to say you “have familiarised the above trainee with the items appropriate to this station as shown on the Station Supervisor’s checklist”. Are you confident that the trainee has retained enough information to be of assistance to you in an emergency situation / evacuation?


The Olympics is on the horizon and we all of course wish it to be a success. All stations by now should have reviewed all CCEPs and Risk assessments, and staffing levels should be in place. There will be a special safety council newsletter with important advice, reminder of rules and contact details and a council rota a few days before the games.

If anybody has any questions on the above, or anything else, don’t hesitate to call one of us below

The stations and Revenue Control Safety Council

RMT Staff Side

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Ross Marshall, Staff Side Secretary,

Jim Harrington, Dave Phillips and Tony Gandolfi.

All based at

2nd Floor, 70 Old Broad Street,

Above Met Line Platforms, Liverpool Street Station.