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Tube bosses sack sick worker


A former CSA, who "failed" their probation (i.e., was sacked) got their appeal decision last week; sacking upheld.

They were terminated for not meeting required attendance standards. And why were they absent? Because of serious illness: pleurisy (yes, pleurisy). Although they were asthmatic, and therefore obviously more susceptible chest/lung conditions, they were never sent to LUOH for an assessment. Although the company was aware of their condition from day one, at no point did LU consider reasonable adjustments, such as moving the member of staff to an outdoor station. The message is clear: get sick, get sacked.

Another probationer also had their sacking upheld recently; they developed a pregnancy-related illness (which LU refused to acknowledge as such) which led to restrictions being placed by LUOH. Management said: these restrictions mean you can't do your job. No consideration was given to helping the member of staff find a suitable alternative role within LU or TfL. They were simply shown the door. Again: get sick, get sacked.

Both of these cases could represent discrimination against workers because of their physical condition. LU is clearly failing in its duty of care to staff, making any claims to be an equal opportunities employer to appear increasingly thin.