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Station workers balloted to defend unfairly sacked disabled colleague

DISMISSAL, R. GARD, CSA, BOND STREET – LONDON UNDERGROUND (LUL/4/1) Further to my previous Circular (IR/276/15, 12th November 2015), members will recall the case of Sister Rachel Gard who suffers from type 1 diabetes and was recently dismissed from London Underground.

This matter has now been considered again by the National Executive Committee, which has noted the outcome of the Director’s review to uphold the decision to dismiss Sister Gard, and taken the decision to commence a ballot of our Customer Service Assistant members at Bond Street Station.

The Company has been advised that a dispute situation exists between us as it is the view of this Union that Sister Gard did not deserve the sanction of dismissal and that this member has been unfairly targeted on her disability. The ballot papers will be posted out to members on Tuesday 26th January 2016.

The closing date for this ballot is Tuesday 9th February 2016 and I will keep you advised of all further developments.