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Sacked For An Honest - And Admitted - Mistake

Sledge Hammer diplomacy on a loyal company servant. Station Supervisor Dave Issit and his family thrown to the wolves !

Station Supervisor Dave Issit attended a CDI On 19 February, where he was summarily dismissed from LUL. The company upheld this decision at an appeal on 18/03/2013.

So what was Dave's crime and why would LUL treat a loyal member of staff with such venom? Whilst perusing his duties on his station, where he was working the Booking office, the gateline and the Supervisors role during his shift an issue arose and Dave was required to service a multi-fare machine . After servicing the machine , Dave was required under procedure to do his drop safe bag count, Dave placed a sealed and secured a drop-safe bag containing £500 in notes into his blazer as he was completing his checks.

This £500 bag was only a part of the days takings .Sadly, Dave unwittingly forgot to remove the bag from his blazer having finished the bag count .

Dave has never previously followed an incorrect procedure with regards to dealing with any rules. Dave usually works on duty at a one person operated stations. Dave made a simple mistake by putting the bag in his blazer pocket as he checked off all the other bags against the drop-safe list. Dave went home unaware of his mistake. After three days had past, Dave's wife discovered the sealed numbered bag still inside his blazer pocket which he had placed into the laundry basket at home along with other items of uniform .

Dave immediately contacted his DSM to explain the situation. Dave was subsequently stood down and the rest of the story is history. Dave is now awaiting a Directors review of his case, but we in the RMT know that Dave's mistake is a common occurrence across the combine on a daily basis.

LUL have been warned that the workload on Supervisors who run stations on their own is so immense that these workloads will cause staff to make silly mistakes. Especially when they are been pulled from pillar to post doing three different roles in a single shift.

We on the East End of the Central Line know that Dave's treatment is par for the course for the company. There has been many cases of iron fisted decisions recently.The way the company treat out colleagues and friends is terrible.

We will not stand idly by, an attack on one is an attack on all of us. This abhorrent case is not an isolated matter . There are similar cases on every line. We RMT at Central Line East have made sterling defences of out colleagues at Leytonstone depot and other workplaces . Your Branch will be fighting Dave’s case.