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RMT Organising To Defend Noel Roberts


Further to previous correspondence (Circular No. IR/261/14, 3rd October 2014), members will be aware that RMT is also conducting a campaign against the unfair dismissal of Brother Noel Roberts from London Underground and we have recently received a resolution from East Ham Branch in relation to this matter, which is as follows:-

“This Branch is disgusted at the unfair dismissal of Bro. Roberts. Noel was a CSA on the East Ham Group, with 26 years’ service. He was dismissed on medical grounds, despite being cleared as fit for full duties by his own Doctors and most importantly by London Underground Occupational Health. The manager who made the decision tried to justify it by stating that Noel may go sick again in the future.

This appalling abuse of procedure leaves every member of staff open to attack and the possibility of losing their job simply for having to take time off sick from work. We call on the GGC for a ballot of all members on London Underground for the reinstatement of Noel Roberts.”

This matter has been considered by the General Grades Committee, which has taken the decision to organise a meeting between the Lead Officer and Branch Officers. I will keep you advised of all further developments.