RMT fights Sodexo plan to cut staff


It was brought to your union's attention that Sodexo had won an extension to its contract to provide catering services across TfL. At the time, your representatives were alerted to a number of rumours circulating which suggested that a reorganisation to include job cuts was the company's plan to take this contract forward.

Your Regional Organiser therefore met with the company, which stated that it had won the contract extension on the basis that it would introduce savings and efficiencies and so planned to cut 18 members of staff from its 120 workforce.

Your negotiators pressed the company to honour its obligations under the machinery of negotiation and it was agreed at the meeting that management would not go ahead with imposing its plans whilst discussions were still taking place and that a further meeting would take place on 19th March 2020.

Your National Executive Committee expressed its alarm at the suggestion that TfL had negotiated this contract extension on terms that will result in these job cuts and has instructed me to keep it informed of all details that come out of the next meeting.

I will keep you advised of all developments in this matter in due course.