London Cycle Hire Scheme & Justice For The 33

From London Transport Regional Secretary John Reid

RMT Serco Barclays London bike staff announce 48 hours strike after 100% vote for strike action over pay and conditions

JOIN THE PICKET LINE 0530 Hours Penton Street, near Angel Tube 12&13 August

TRANSPORT UNION RMT today confirmed 48 hours of strike action later this month on the Serco Barclays “Boris” bikes after a 100% for strike action by the workforce on the London cycle scheme over a range of grievances.

All RMT members working for the Serco Barclays Cycle scheme are instructed not to book on for any shifts that commence between: -
•21.00 hours Sunday 11th August 2013 and 20.59 hours Tuesday 13th August 2013

Members also remain instructed not to work any overtime from:-
•00:01 hours on Tuesday 16th July 2013 until further notice

The grievances at the heart of the on-going dispute are:

  • The imposition of a 2% pay increase for 2013
  • The imposition of shift change patterns
  • The continuous bullying and harassment of members
  • The company's refusal to reach a formal agreement on travelling time or on travel allowances

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

"By voting 100% for strike action RMT members sent out the clearest message to Serco Barclays, the scheme operators, that they are serious about this fight for justice on pay and working conditions on the London cycle scheme. However, despite talks with the company we have not been able to make significant progress and so we now have no option but to announce strike dates this month, "

"There has been a whole barrage of press reports recently that the so-called Serco "Boris Bikes" are facing severe docking and capacity problems, and yet the staff running the London cycle hire scheme are facing a bullying management who are imposing outrageous changes to conditions of service while denying our members a fair pay increase in recognition of the growing workload.

Join the Demo 12th August outside London Bridge Tooley St exit 0800 hours Monday 12th August.
Show unity in struggle with our comrades who were dismissed eight months ago for standing up for their rights. As agency workers they were used, abused and then thrown out. We demand that they are given jobs by London Underground.

John Reid
Regional Secretary

"RMT will not stand aside and watch this group of key transport staff get kicked from pillar to post. The London Cycle Hire Scheme is much more than a vanity project and a publicity stunt for the London Mayor, it is now a valuable part of our transport system and the staff should be treated as such. The scheme has attracted global publicity but now risks collapsing into chaos through a massive under-investment in staff, bikes and docking stations.

"RMT members have been forced to strike to secure improvements to pay and conditions and to send out the message that they will not be left to take the rap from a bullying management that refuses to take responsibility for its actions. This strike action cannot be ignored and we hope that Boris Johnson and his contractors Serco will now meet with RMT to find a fair solution to this dispute."