Emergency Motion, Trainpeople- TUC Black Workers Conference 2013

TUC Black Workers Conference 2013

Emergency Motion 1- PASSED

Trainpeople on London Underground

Conference notes that on 27th February 2013, RMT called on Trainpeople members to take industrial action over London Underground's decision to terminate the contract with Trainpeople Agency.

Through the agency these employees had a variety of customer service roles, including station assistant, gateline and supervisory posts, some for up to 5 years.
Conference is appalled that 33 employees of Trainpeople were made unemployed without warning when they should have been taken on by London Underground.
Conference believes this against the purpose of the 2010 Agency Worker Regulations which are supposed to protect the employment rights of agency staff.
Conference is also deeply concerned that the dismissed employees are from black and ethnic minorities.

Conference calls for support for the 33 by:

I) Condemning LUL for failing in its legal and moral obligation to offer them permanent employment; and
II) Calling on the Mayor of London to intervene ti ensure that the rights to continued employment of the Trainpeople staff are upheld and they are employed by London Underground