Track patrolling, Cleshar staff – London Underground


Further to my previous Circular (IR/276, 12th November 2015), members will recall the decision to ballot all operational permanent way track staff for strike action and action short of a strike. This dispute is over LUL’s decision to train Cleshar’s staff to undertake track patrolling duties, which has not been agreed by RMT. It is a clear breach of our agreements, represents a casualisation of members’ jobs and is a direct attack on their job security.

RMT confirms new series of strikes on Docklands Light Railway

RAIL UNION RMT said today that staff across all grades on Keolis Amey Docklands Light Railway will strike on four occasions next year in a dispute over a range of serious unresolved issues that are wrecking industrial relations. The action follows a 48 hour strike on DLR last month which completely shut down the service for the duration.
The announcement of action comes after continuing talks have so far failed to make any serious progress. RMT members voted by 92% for action back in October.

Docklands Light Railway Strike Solid

The Docklands Light Railway was all but shut down this morning as RMT members began 48 hours of strike action.  Workers on the DLR are taking action over a number of issues including misuse of agency workers, attempts at undermining workers with casualisation, a creeping culture of bullying and intimidation of staff and the breach of agreements.

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:

Special cleaners members meeting- June 10 BlueEyed Maid 1500


ISS/Interserve/AGS contracts

Special grades meeting on Wednesday June 10th

Blue Eyed Maid at 1500

Borough High St

London SE1

nearest station London Bridge/Borough

All members welcome, we want to hear your views and have your feedback on the disputes we have currently on LUL contracts.
The Council of Executive member and the Regional Organiser will be there to hear your views.

The scandal of self-employed cleaners on London Underground


AGS people and LUL are complicit in a tax evasion scam whereby they use the self-employed status of workers to avoid paying employers National Insurance liabilities to HMRC, SSP and holiday pay to the workers and destroy pretty much every right a worker in the UK enjoys.
Workers, even agency workers, have certain rights and protections. A self-employed cleaner has none. I would be interested to see the actual contract between the self-employed and LUL or its sub-contractor, if one even exists.