What the Regional Council is doing to improve RMT organisation on London Transport, to recruit, retain and involve members

Workers' Education Association Course For 2012 / 2013

To apply for any of these course, the leaflet of courses and an application form is attached below

At the WEA we offer a range of union courses for reps of all experiences and backgrounds. Our courses are free for union reps and are accredited through time in the classroom and workplace activities. Workplace reps, shop stewards, H&S reps and learning reps all have a legal right to attend without loss of earnings.

NB: for all courses listed below WEA are running two separate courses on each day – a General course and a course specifically for those who work on London Underground.

All courses listed , unless otherwise stated, run from 9.30am to 4.30pm

National Women's Advisory Committee Posters & Badges To Be Produced Nationally

We welcome and support the resolution from the National Women's Advisory Committee. We instruct the General Secretary to produce the two posters and the badges in sufficient quantities for use in workplaces nationally, and to distribute them to all branches, Regional Councils, Regional Organisers and Regional Offices.

The resolution referred to is from the National Women's Advisory Committee, asking for the posters and badges produced by LT Region to be produced nationally.

Carlisle Cleaning And Security Workers To Be Balloted For Industrial Action

No worker should be expected to live on an income of less than the London Living Wage

We note the report from our Regional Organiser. While we may be close to securing an acceptable offer on Olympic Reward and Recognition, we are appalled by Carlisle’s refusal to pay our cleaning and security members the London Living Wage. No worker should be expected to live on an income of less than the LLW, an amount calculated to meet only the ‘minimum acceptable quality of life’, currently set at only £8.30 per hour.

RMT Is Fighting For Better Pay And Conditions For Cubic Staff

RMT demands a decent living wage for Cubic staff

RMT has been negotiating with Cubic Transportation for decent pay and conditions, including an Olympic bonus.

We are demanding: PAY EQUALITY, with a decent rate of pay for all staff and an end to individual pay rates – people doing the same job deserve the same pay; a substantial OLYMPIC BONUS for all staff; FREE TRANSPORT on London Underground, and a SHORTER WORKING WEEK for all staff to work the same hours with no loss of pay.

Canteen Workers Newsletter

You can view the newsletter here. If you want to help out, then please download it using the link below the article, print it and hand it out to Sodexo canteen staff at your workplace.

The RMT is the only union campaigning for Sodexo canteen workers

RMT believes in direct employment of all catering staff. The appallingly low wages paid to sub-contracted caterers has already been described.

The casualisation of vindictive discriminatory practices

‘The Past We Inherit The Future we Build.’

I am writing to you about an issue which may not seem on the face of it directly a young members issue but if we let these things happen to our fellow workers what will the future be like for us? We cannot let them get away with it, we cannot allow such blatant discrimination, bullying and harassment to become the norm. Such actions pave the way management will behave in the future, we have a lot more years in this company and we cannot allow the casualisation of vindictive discriminatory practices.

Stratford No1 Branch Olympic Newsletter

Please download and distribute Stratford branch newsletter using the link below. You can view it by clicking here.

Exceptionally Busy

This summer will see Tube staff of all grades working really hard to transport Londoners and visitors during the Olympic period. With the main venue being in Stratford, the Olympic Games Live Sites in Victoria Park and Hyde Park, and Marathon Swimming and Triathlon event in Hyde Park, the Central Line -our RMT branch’s area -is right at the heart of it.

Regional Council Resolution: The Importance Of Agreements

Submitted by Piccadilly and District West branch

We note that once again management have held private talks with another union concerning our train operator members. The RMT opposes their intention to introduce temporary arrangements for the Olympics outside of trains Framework Agreements and the P.T.O.A. particularly the intention to extend the 8 hour day at weekends which sets a dangerous precedent.

Recruitment Campaign For Canteen And Cleaner Staff

RMT is organising to recruit more members who work as Cleaners and Canteen staff. We have a ballot coming up for ISS cleaners who's pay and benefits are woefully low for the hard work they do. At Sodexo the RMT is working hard to get recognition for the RMT,

This all depends on getting as many people signed up as possible. Remember cleaners and canteen staff can currently join the RMT for £1 a week.