What the Regional Council is doing to improve RMT organisation on London Transport, to recruit, retain and involve members

RMT Education Programme for 2011

The National Education Centre Programme – The centre (Doncaster) continues to be the focal point for our Union’s National Education Programme, within its excellent facilities, there are several courses currently scheduled throughout the year.

Click 'Read More' to find out about the courses planned for next year, or download the attached documents.

Recognition, Carlisle Cleaning and Support Services (all contracts)

Circular from Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary ...

Earlier this year I wrote to Carlisle Cleaning & Support Services expressing my utmost concern over the company’s assertion that the RMT only had direct bargaining and recognition rights for three Carlisle Cleaning and Support Contracts, namely Eurostar, London Midland and Alstom/West Coast.

Cleaners: organising plan

Our cleaning grade vice-chair has drafted the following proposal for an organising strategy for cleaners. It will be discussed in detail at the Regional Council Executive meeting on 9 November.

1. Let cleaners know what is happening with ISS & Initial

2. Go out any recruit cleaners from all shifts and both companies

3.Explain what we can do for cleaners

4. Get cleaners to stand for reps as we are short of them

5. Tell cleaners what both companies are doing to the grade and the union

RMT Stratford No.1 Recruitment Plan

Stratford No.1 branch have devised a recruitment plan. It details how the branch have agreed to monitor and increase membership numbers. The Regional Councils recruitment plan for 2010 urges and supports branches to outline a plan to both monitor membership numbers and organise recruitment.

Click 'read more' to see Stratford No.1's plan, or download the attachment if you want a copy for you or your branch to use.

Notes from Regional Council Executive, 10 August 2010

Attendance: Janine Booth, James Wong-McSweeney, Adrian Finney, Pat O'Brien, Carol Foster, Olly New, Frank Curtis, Gary Doyle, Dean O'Hanlon, Glenroy Watson Apologies: Adrian Rowe, Steve Hedley, Paul Rutland, Paul Jackson, Mick Crossey, Linda Wiles, Vaughan Thomas


We endorsed the suggestions from the Branch Membership Secretaries' training day, listed here.

Notes from Branch Membership Secretaries Training Day

London Transport Region held a training day for branch membership secretaries on 26 July. Thanks to everyone who came along and took part. The day seemed to go very well, and I hope everyone got something out of it.

As well as training the membership secretaries, we managed to also generate quite a few ideas and plans, as follows:

Regional Council to:

  • repeat the training for those branch membership secretaries who were unable to attend (I'll email them to work out an appropriate date)

RMT membership density - figures and trends

The Regional Council (with the very great help of the Stations & Revenue Grades Committee Secretary!) has been compiling statistical information on membership levels on station groups and traincrew depots. We calculated the density (percentage of RMT members at each location) for stations and trains, and will soon carry out the same exercise for other grades.

Stations & Revenue Grades Committee

Stations and Revenue Grades Meetings Monthly meetings that bring together rank-and-file station and revenue RMT reps and activists. All members are welcome to come along and raise issues that concern you and plan with others how we are going to fight for a better deal for our grades.

Come along and bring your experience and ideas with you!

Location: The Exmouth Arms (upstairs), nearest station Euston Square.

exit the station turn right, take the first right. For a map click the FIND US tab.

Standing Items on the Agenda:

Regional LGBT Officer

I have been elected as the Lesbian, Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Officer for the London Transport Region at the recent Regional Council Meeting.

Anybody who has suggestions of the sort of things we can be doing in the London Transport Region, or wants to be involved please contact me via email here or leave a comment below.