Company Policies and Agreements

Policies of the various employers within the London Transport region, and agreements reached with the union

New LUL Sickness Reporting Procedure To Improve Confidentiality

Handling confidential personal information in line with the Data Protection Act:

  1. Train operators should telephone the booking-on point on the first day / shift of sickness where possible (reference to 2.1 of LUL AAW Procedure).
  2. The train operator will state that they are reporting sick and, if possible, give an approximate timescale for resumption of duty.

Professional Service Control Agreement

Attached is the "Professional Service Control Agreement" dated 5th January 2005.

This agreement covers all staff who are employed in the Service Control Function in the operation of Service Control and the arrangements for the staffing of Control Rooms and signal cabins operated by LU. This is supplementary to the Company’s “Principles of Employment”.

LU Guidelines For Train Ops: Resumption To Duty Whilst On Medication For Depression

LU has altered it's policy on allowing drivers taking medication for depression to drive trains. Below is the company stance and forms used are attached.

LU article on the new procedure
Occupational Health revises advice it gives drivers

Occupational Health has revised the advice it gives to train operators regarding anti-depressant medication, following consultation with key internal stakeholders and medical experts.

Tube Bosses Implement New Harassment Procedure With No Mention Of Right To a Rep

We note the report from our Regional Organiser. London Underground has now implemented this procedure, and while it improves on the previous procedure in some respects, it does not include the right to representation for those accused of bullying and/or harassment from the start of the process, despite RMT and all other recognised unions taking the position that it should.

We maintain our position on this and will pursue it through appropriate channels.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.

Piccadilly Line Drivers Balloted As 'Management Are Riding Roughshod Over Agreements'

We note the report from our Regional Organiser and the resolution from our Finsbury Park branch.

We note that it is the unanimously-held view of our drivers' representatives and branch officers on the Piccadilly line that the union should ballot Piccadilly line drivers for strike action without delay.

Our representatives believe that the line's management are riding roughshod over agreements and for some time appear to have been deliberately misinterpreting policy on SPADs, holistic reports and attendance, particularly at Arnos Grove.