Stations Functional Newsletter

A regular newsletter specifically for the London Underground stations grade, produced by the RMT Stations Functional Council.



Post-Strike SFC News

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This is a historic edition, coming after the most succesful stations strike action ever seen on London Underground.

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Management Action PLan on FftF is Just Another Attempt to Make Further Cuts

After 7 days of Talks

LU Propose Extending CSA2 Working to Local Stations

Hopelessly Inadequate Proposal from LU of 60 CSA2s on local stations (many PT) and just 15 staff for control rooms. That’s it!

Company want months of further talks with no guaranteed additional jobs.


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Overtime Ban Remains in Place: Don’t Work Overtime

Further Industrial Action Called as LU try to Bribe 'Ambassadors' to cover OT shifts on £250

Please download and distribute new SFC News.


Includes details of furhter industrial action:

Additional Action short of strike to start from 00:01 on Thursday 15 Dec 2016 until further notice:

All LUL station and revenue members are instructed:

« Not to train or familiarise any staff who would not normally work or be rostered to work at the station

All customer Service Managers are instructed

« Not to seek to cover any duty through the use of overtime

« Not to authorise any overtime