Stations Functional Newsletter

A regular newsletter specifically for the London Underground stations grade, produced by the RMT Stations Functional Council.



RMT Station Grades Vote 6:1 for Strikes and Action short of Strikes: Download new SFC News

Download and distribute the new SFC News.

It is vital that members in every area know about this action

Don't work overtime after 00:01 on Wed 23 Nov


The newsletter also deals with management abuses of sickness process, CSA2 HGW and letters of advice.

SFC News with advice for FftF Go Live on Sun 3 April

Please download and distribute the newsletter which stations members may find useful as FftF goes loive on Sun 3 April.

SFC reps and Tier 2 saftey reps will be travelling around the network on Sunday 3rd, Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th to support members who may be expeiriencing problems as a result of FftF. Contact details are all shown in the newsletter.