Stations Functional Newsletter

A regular newsletter specifically for the London Underground stations grade, produced by the RMT Stations Functional Council.



New SFC News: Don't Sign New Contracts and LU make New Demands for Martini Framework

LU has threatened to impose Fit for the Future by demanding all station staff sign new employment contracts. Regional Organiser, John Leach has issued clear advce not to sign anynew contract. The only exception to this is for fixed term members offered a new permanent contract.

The company has also tabled new demands that management be able to change any duty with 24 hours notice. RMT will not accept ths. Council of Executives member John Ried has made clear that strike action will be called if LU try to impose a framework, rosters or contracts.

SFC News: Progress Made on Night Tube & Fit for the Future on Stations

Management have made widespread changes to their proposals on stations relating to both Night Tube and Fit for the Futre.
Your SFC reps and RMT officers are now taking part in further negotiations with LU in an effort to reach an acceptable way forward.
Please download the newsleter and distribute it in your area.