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Reinstate Vicky Hayward!

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London Underground Ltd has sacked Bank group CSA Vicky Hayward, despite having no evidence against her.

Vicky had an accident at work. But a manager decided that he did not believe her, and says that the CCTV did not show the accident. But neither Vicky nor her rep were able to see the footage, which was destroyed.

If LUL gets away with this, it could be you next time.

You could have a false allegation made against you, then managers get to look at the CCTV footage and condemn you on the basis of what they say it showed - without you even having the right to look at it yourself.

It is a basic principle of justice that all evidence must be available to both sides to scrutinise.

By LUL’s own admission:

  • There was ‘no other evidence’ against Vicky apart from the CCTV footage.
  • CCTV evidence ought to be made available to the member and the rep.
  • Vicky’s sickness was properly certificated.
  • The CDI brief contained many inaccuracies and inconsistencies.

RMT is supporting Vicky in appealing against her sacking, and in taking legal action.

Support RMT’s campaign to reinstate Vicky Hayward!

"This is an appalling injustice. Vicky has my personal support and the support of the whole union."
Mick Cash
RMT General Secretary