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Metropolitan Line and Jubilee Line North Branch (Commonly known as Neasden Branch) is responsible for members at 34 Stations, 4 Train Crew Depots, 2 Service Control Rooms, 5 Signal Cabins and 2 Revenue Control Depots.

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Jubilee Line Route Secure Implementation

From Regional Organiser Steve Hedley - RS procedure implementation.

Dear members, as you are fully aware there has been a proposed change to the old but very safe “scotch and clip” procedure for passing over points in slow speed were route secure indication cannot be confirmed to the train operator. The following may answer some of your questions.

Jubilee Line Route Locking Procedure

RMT have produced an informative circular for Jubilee drivers regarding a new procedure for the line. The procedure is for passing over points with no route secure illuminated. The circular explains that Tier 2 control room reps have had no release to discuss and comment on the procedure, which means that they cannot endorse or agree to this process at present.

Click 'Read more' or download the attachment to read about the procedure and the reps guidance that it should not at present be carried out.

Resolution: Young Members Advisory Committee – Basis of Representation

This resolution submitted by Neasden branch was carried unanimously by the March metting of the Regional Council:

This Regional Council notes the formation of the Young Members Advisory Committee, as per clause 1 of rule 12D.

This branch also notes the inconsistency of the basis of representation between the Young Members advisory committee (1 per region) and the other equal rights advisory committees, governed by rule 12A (5 Per Region).

Resolution: London Underground "Rainbow" Attendance Process

This resolution submitted by Neasden branch was carried unanimously by the March metting of the Regional Council:

That this LRTC notes with concern LU’s demand that some staff must meet a 96% attendance level.

This 96% attendance level has been explained as a part of a ‘Rainbow’ process and has been used against RMT members to threaten further action up to and including medical termination.

Executive decision: Awards for Activists

Council of Executives decision:

That we note this resolution and that this request has not come from the families of the unfortunate deceased.

However, it would be inappropriate to name awards after activists due to the amount of activists that we have in this Union.

If the families of any activists or members want a memorial the General Secretary is to arrange for this to be in the Garden at Maritime House.

AGM Awards

This resolution proposed by Neasden branch was carried unanomously by the February meeting of the Regional Council:

This Regional Council notes that the John Cogger Award for Youth is presented at the AGM, with Neasden Branch winning the award in 2009 and 2010. We think it is also time to award other activists within our union, and name them in honour of two comrades that we lost in 2010.

We propose that the John Cogger Youth Award remains the same, but the union considers introducing the following awards, also to be presented at the AGM.

Threat of Withdrawal of Staff Nominee Travel Facilities

This resolution, submitted by Neasden brancand amended by the Regional Council Executive, was carried unanimously at the February meeting of the Regional Council:

This Regional Council is appalled at the reports that certain GLA members once again have circulated to the media that he wishes to remove staff travel facilities for partners, flatmates, or family members under the same roof.