Important Safety Information for Jubilee Line Drivers

1996stock Please find the following Important Safety Information from the Regional Organiser


Dear Colleagues,

We need to advise you that Jubilee Line train maintainers at Stratford Market Depot, Neasden and Stanmore will be taking industrial action for 24 hours from 19.29 hours on Wednesday 24th January. This will be repeated the following Sunday to Monday, and every Sunday/Monday for three months.

Their dispute is due to the fact that their Northern Line counterparts get paid considerably more money for doing the exact same job.

This dispute could have serious implications for the safety of the trains that will be offered for service during and following the industrial action.

Depot staff provide essential train preparation of our fleet as well as maintenance and fixing defects. If these employees are taking industrial action then our drivers have the right to know who has prepared our trains for service and to what standard. All drivers have the right to enquire who has prepared their train and to insist that their train has been prepared to a recognised standard.

Many people believe that in previous disputes LU have tasked managers who are unqualified or have out of date licenses to take up the slack during periods of industrial action. Log books should never be signed unless the necessary work has been done.

Only staff that have a licence stating ‘Offering Trains Fit for Service’ are qualified to prepare our trains for service.

Management’s usual trick is to apply for a concession to their normal safety requirements. This in itself is a disgrace; if these safety requirements are essential normally then nothing should change during industrial action. If you are told that management have a ‘concession’ demand to see it and establish for yourself what exactly it means to you and your safety!

It is your legal right to refuse to work on the grounds of safety and your union will support you 100% should you decide to do so.

If you do have a safety concern and you feel that management are ignoring your concerns, contact your local safety rep or members of the Train’s Safety Council.

Jim Mc Daid 07834117378
Dave Rayfield 07538789337
Nigel Eivers 07834448956