Update on Waterloo & City detrainment dispute


I write further to my previous Circular (Circular No: IR/271/19, 17th July 2019), the following resolution was received from our Central Line East Branch: -

“This branch notes that a physical check of the train has been deemed essential since the tragic unnecessary death of a passenger at Liverpool St Station on the Central Line, and That London Underground has on several occasions tired and prevented by the RMT to change back to the dangerous “flash and dash” process that put the lives of the travelling public at risk. As this is once again being attempted on the waterloo and city line, we call upon the NEC/GS to:

  1.  Advise LUL immediately that we are again in dispute over this matter.
  2. Arrange without delay a ballot all Leytonstone train operators for action short of strike, (conducting a physical check of all 4 carriages prior to entering the sidings).”

Your National Executive Committee has considered the matter and stated the union's implacable opposition to the reduction in Station Staff roles and the resulting impact of this on our Train Operator members. A meeting of our Train Operator reps from the Central Line East Branch, Level 2 Train Operator reps, Level 2 Stations reps, the SAGS, RO and London Transport Region NEC member took place and considered the matter.

A report of this meeting was made to the NEC and it was noted that the removal of detrainment staff would have a negative effect on the safety of our Station Staff members, and that SATS and detrainment staff must be defended and allowed to continue contributing their essential role in keeping the railway running.

I have been instructed to ensure that the matter is addressed at all relevant part of the machinery of negotiation and for the NEC to be kept updated of all further developments. The matter will form part of your union's fight against cuts arising from LUL funding cuts.

I trust this keeps you fully advised and I will inform branches of any further developments on this issue.