RMT bulletin: we can and must win this battle

The government, TfL and London Underground consider EVERYTHING that makes our job bearable and worthwhile as up for grabs. Pensions, job security, pay rises and your framework agreements are all threatened... If we don’t stop them! 

Last year we were heroes, now we’re just a cost 
on an accountant’s balance sheet. Management are going to try and con us into believing that if we cooperate with attacks on jobs, pay, pensions and conditions they will be in a better position to negotiate with the government for funding. 

Let’s be clear: RMT does not accept attacks on our members whether they come from TfL, the Mayor or the government. We will fight to defend ourselves.

  • Download the attached bulletin to read more. It will also be posted to every Transport for London member.



TfL LUL bulletin, October 2021 by RMT London Calling on Scribd