Tube managers to be balloted over 'development centers'


Further to my previous Circular (IR/337/16, 10th November 2016), regarding London Underground’s proposal to remove the DTSM and TOSM grades and replace them with a new grade called Trains Manager, a Reps meeting has taken place and discussions with LUL are on-going in relation to proposed pay bands, locations and other matters. 

However, management are intent on sending members to ‘development centres’ to examine the capability of each manager against the expected standard of the new role and have not responded to the majority of the 35 points of concern put to them by this Union so far.

This matter has been considered by the National Executive Committee which has noted the views from the Reps meeting and taken the decision to inform LUL that we are in dispute over this issue and to prepare a ballot for all relevant MATS grades. I am currently acting in accordance with this decision and will keep you advised of all further developments.