Strike date changed: Strike called as LU management consider pension attack

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19th October 2022

Dear Colleagues,


I am writing to advise you that London Underground are continuing their sustained attacks on staff through a program of cuts that includes pension changes, job cuts, and the imposition of new working arrangements.

Following a meeting between your representatives and the Lead Officer to discuss TfL’s Pensions Options Paper, it is clear that LUL are considering transferring the TfL pension into the Local Government Pension Scheme, which would mean members in many grades would be paying contributions of up to 10% under LGPS arrangements, compared with the TfL scheme rate of 5%. The current TfL pension scheme allows members to retire at 60 with no reduction in benefits, and pensions are indexed against RPI. The LGPS has a retirement age of the state pension age and is indexed against CPI and is based on average career earnings while the TfL scheme remains a final salary scheme.

Further cuts across LUL are being imposed, with the removal of 600 station jobs, along with the imposition of new rosters. Huge numbers of vacancies across fleet maintenance, track, and signalling being maintained. The loss of staff across most rosters is already having a detrimental effect on health and safety and negatively impacting the work/life balance of you and your colleagues.

The RMT are continuing to demand LUL provide us with assurances that:

  • There will be no reduction in jobs
  • There will be no detrimental changes to your pensions
  • There will be no changes to working conditions imposed

Following a meeting with LUL Representatives, your Lead Officer has reported overwhelming support for further strike action in response to these continued attacks on your jobs, pensions, and agreements.

The National Executive Committee has therefore taken the decision to call on ALL LUL MEMBERS TO TAKE STRIKE ACTION. You are instructed NOT TO BOOK ON for any shifts that commence between:

00:01 hours and 23:59 hours on Thursday 3rd November 2022.

I urge you all to stand firm together during this strike, which will run in conjunction with strike action by RMT members at Arriva Rail London, Carlisle Support Services and Network Rail.


I will keep you advised of all further developments.

Yours Sincerely


Michael Lynch

General Secretary