RMT To Pursue Dispute Over Central Line 'Authoritarian Disciplinary Regime'

We note the resolution from our Central Line East branch, which we understand is also supported by our trains representatives in Central Line West branch. We share our branches’ alarm at the deterioration of industrial relations on the Line, including abuses of procedures, safety concerns, and an authoritarian disciplinary regime.

In line with our branches’ request, we instruct the General Secretary to contact London Underground Ltd as a matter of urgency demanding a line meeting, to include all our Central line trains representatives (health & safety and industrial relations).

Further, we declare our intention to pursue a dispute on this matter should this request for a meeting not lead to an acceptable resolution. We instruct the General Secretary to prepare a ballot matrix of all our Central line driver members.

This matter is to be placed in front of us in the event of any reply or development, and in any case by 30 July 2013.