RMT Activist Recruitment Training Day

Dear Colleagues

Representatives/Activists One Day Training

The RMT are arranging local courses for all reps and activists for recruitment/retention and mapping.

The courses will be run local to branches in the London Transport region and are for 1 day.

All reps should try to attend as we believe this course offers local reps guide and assistance on managing members in their areas and can aid in improving recruitment.

In the first instance, paid release should be sought from the employer, as part of ongoing training for trade union reps. This request should be put in writing to the employer. If paid release is declined, the RMT will cover loss of earnings.

Please submit your names to Eamonn Lynch, LT Regional Council Secretary or Lorna Tooley LT training officer via the contact form.

Yours sincerely
John Leach

Regional Organiser