More support for our strikes

Although much of the tube network is still inaccessible for many disabled people for those of us able to use it we rely very much on staff being available to help us do so. If your staffing levels are reduced further then disabled people will find it more difficult to go out and will once again become isolated in their homes.
We would therefore like to send our support to all the strikers. You are fighting for us as well.
In Solidarity,
Linda Burnip
Disabled People Against Cuts

I wish to show my support and pass on my best wishes to you all for the industrial action you are taking.
Good luck, Comrades, Brothers and Sisters.
Mark Hollinrake, Unite and PCS

We write to applaud the activism of RMT members who stand resolute in the face of attacks against their jobs, livelihoods, terms and conditions, services and safety.
We believe that it is basically wrong for costs-savings to be prioritised over and above the safety of commuters and RMT members/workers. We believe that any management or government justification of this is a flagrant attack on hardworking RMT women and men, who are determined to stand in struggle against these oppressive management tactics to safeguard essential operational standards. In effect the cost-saving priority is not only an attack against the RMT but fundamentally one against the thousands of commuters who travel daily on London Underground because it places their safety at preventable risks.
Our deepest respect is extended to RMT workers who have taken and continue to take industrial action and lose pay to defend not only their interests but those of commuters also.
Our fullest support is assured in your continued struggle to defend a safe railway service for all.
In solidarity
Brother Ras Lloyd
Chair, Pan Afrikan Society Community Forum (PASCF)

I am upset and dismayed by London Underground's plans to remove staff from their stations. Every time I have visited the capital I have been greatly assisted by the members of staff at the Underground Stations. The London Underground is a real puzzle, which can be easily solved by the staff members on hand. I am British and English is my first language and I struggle when a train is not running or a line is affected, but the staff solve these problems by advising the best alternative route. If London wants to compete with New York, Paris, Barcelona and Rome as a tourist mecca the staff are essential !!!!
The Politicians should look at the bigger picture,
London is a faceless city, where individualism means a tourist or visitor is left to struggle and find their own way.
Politicians should fight for the visitor, fight for the tourist, fight for Londoners and fight for the Underground Workers
Somethings should be sacred
Yours Sincerely
Paul Murphy