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Important Update on First Substantive CSA2s
All L1 Reps,
The first substantive CSA2s are now arriving on stations from training. These CSA2s are new to LU. We are speaking to them at Ashfield House and interest in RMT is very strong. Please make sure they have joined up if you have any coming to your group.
CSA2s Have been Trained and Licensed as CSA1s
These first CSA2s have been put through the full CSA1 training course and are licensed as CSA1s. Management say that very soon they will introduce a new shorter CSA2 course. Those who are licensed as CSA1 can, under the framework, be required to work in any grade they are licensed for…in other words, as CSA1s.
If a CSA2 works as a CSA1 for 2 hours they get HGW under the framework.
We have told LU that we will not accept CSA2s with a CSA1 license being used for occasional tasks like putting escalators in and out of device of covering SATS for an hour and then being denied HGW.
Management have agreed to consider this and respond. In the meantime, if a substantive CSA2 is asked to carry out CSA1 tasks they should request HGW for the shift. Please report any such occurrences to an SFC rep.
CSA2 Pay
The published pay rates for 2016 have stated that CSA pay remains as published back in 2014. Whereas all other rates have been increased in line with the agreed pay deal for 2015 and 2016 the CSA2 rate has not been increased. This means that an already unacceptably low rate has fallen a further £1000+ behind CSA1.
Regional Organiser, John Leach, has written to LU demanding that the pay rise be applied to ALL grades, as agreed.
Please make sure that CSA2s on your group know that RMT is fighting this.