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Urgent Safety Ballot - District Line East

You will all be aware that there has been a massive increase in the incidence of anti-social behaviour and assaults on members of LUL staff in recent times. On the District East Group in particular there have been a number of violent incidents on trains and stations which have caused grave concerns for staff safety, particularly for those lone-working.

Your reps have met with Management to ask for extra staff for the group and assurances that you will be able to work from within a place of safety if you are lone-working. The company have not agreed to these reasonable demands. As a result of this, we are now taking action to ensure your safety at work.

You will shortly receive a ballot paper asking you to vote YES for action short of strike.

Please note:

• We are not asking you to strike

• We are not asking you to lose pay

• We are not asking for an overtime ban

What we are asking is, if you feel unsafe:

• Work from a place of safety when on your own

• Do not detrain on your own

• Do not attend incidents on your own

• If you suspect criminal activity, do not attend without the police


A yes vote in this ballot will give you legal protection to take this action without fear.

It is essential that you to return your ballot paper. If enough papers are not returned, we cannot legally take this action to protect your safety.

Ballot papers must be received by the independent scrutineer by Thursday 12th September 2019. This does not give us much time. You should start to receive your ballot papers this week. We ask you to complete them and return them immediately.

If you do not receive a ballot paper by Wednesday 4th September, please call the freephone helpline on 0800 376 3706