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Discuss the sackings of Paul McCulloch and Neil Turley

CSA’s Paul McCulloch and Neil Turley were stood down from duty following allegations made against them in a public house on the 12th of November 2010.
The alleged incident occurred outside work, not on work premises and neither members were in uniform. No outside authority was called to deal with any issue.

Both are active members of the union and were heavily involved in the RMT’s ‘lone working’ strikes and later in organising station staff refusing to work on gate-lines as LU were not complying with safety procedures on the Wembley Central Group.

Both men finally went to a disciplinary hearing 9 months later and were sacked mid August 2011.

Paul and Neil are both still waiting the results of their Appeal hearing which was held 6 weeks ago.

The next meeting of the Bakerloo Branch will be discussing this case and what actions we should take in defence of our members.

Please do your utmost to attend our next meeting on Monday November 8th at 16:00 hours upstairs in the Red Lion, Kingly Street near Oxford Circus tube station.