Disabled Workers - Know Your Rights week
RMT is running a Disabled Workers - Know Your Rights (KYR) week in Transport for London companies on 13-19 January 2019, and would like you to take part.
There are many disabled transport workers, and many of them face inaccessible workplaces and bad treatment from their managers. Employers often do not uphold disabled workers' rights, and if those workers do not know their rights, then this will continue.
We plan a week of activity that will inform disabled transport workers of their rights. By doing this, we will encourage them to join and become active in RMT in order to defend, assert and build on these rights.
We will visit as many workplaces as possible, speaking with staff and distributing our credit-card-sized KYR card, and we will also publicise information on rights via social media.
How your branch/group can be involved
We ask branches and/or groups of RMT activists to plan a 'walkabout' around workplaces during this week. You may prefer to run a stall or surgery instead (or as well!) if that is more suitable to your workplace.
We will provide a package of materials for branches/groups who are carrying out this activity, including: KYR cards, posters, booklets on disability and the law, a carers' rights guide, RMT membership forms and merchandise, all in an RMT backpack! We hope to provide activists with RMT Disabled Members T-shirts to wear while carrying out the activity.
Your to-do list:
- decide on your activity: which day/s? which workplaces will you visit? who will take part? do you need to do anything to ensure that members can take part? when and where will you meet?
- if you can, provide funding for unpaid leave from work and for refreshments; if you will struggle with this, please contact the regional council
- circulate information in advance telling people that you will be visiting on that day/s (we will have posters available soon)
- tell the organising team (c/o Janine, details below) what you are doing, so that we can get your materials to you and add you to our list of the week's activities
How individual members can be involved:
Contact us and we will put you in touch with others in your area who are organising activities that you can take part in.
With your support and involvement, this will be a very enjoyable and effective week of building the fightback for disabled workers' rights - and for building the union.
Yours in solidarity
Janine Booth
Disability Officer, RMT London Transport Region