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Ballot called over insufficient cover at District Centre Group



The following resolution has been received from Piccadilly & District West Branch:-


“Piccadilly and District West Branch note the stresses and strains put on members in the District Centre Cover Group caused by a lack of staff leading to shifts being left uncovered.


Despite our demands that the whole of the BNS is covered, vacancies remain unfilled, the duties covered only up to minimum numbers. Sats are left uncovered, machines left un-serviced, crowd control is impossible and members are left alone in a very busy gate line exacerbated by frequent asset breakdowns.


We note that we were promised extra jobs and upgrades after our last strikes in January 2017. Yet in the South Kensington area alone, we have a CSS, two full time CSA's, one part time Monday to Friday CSA and one night tube CSA duty uncovered for the entire current week. These duties are what the company agreed that the area needs to function.


Enough is enough, we now call upon the NEC to open an immediate dispute with the company and begin the matrix of members for a ballot to take all the industrial action necessary, up to and including strike action, until such a time as the company has filled the vacancies and covered all duties on the BNS (business needs schematic).


During this period and until all vacancies are covered (including long term sickness) every effort should be made to cover ALL un-covered duties.


If there is insufficient staff on cover duties or to cover staff sickness, overtime should be used”.


This matter was considered by the National Executive Committee, which took the decision to advise the Company we are in dispute and to ballot members for strike action and action short of a strike. The Company was advised accordingly and that as always, the Union remains available for talks to resolve this dispute. I will keep Branches advised of all further developments.