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RMT negotiates a no compulsory redundancy agreement with Sodexo

The RMT has reached an agreement with Sodexo that nobody on London Underground will be made redundant if they wish to keep a job with the company.

The agreement, secured by Regional Organiser John Leach, following a campaign by RMT reps and activists, offers a minimum guarantee of a job with the company. However, the union’s campaign continues as we fight to see Sodexo workers’ pay and conditions improved.

Sodexo’s cut plan would see around 30 people made redundant, workloads increased and workers forced to apply for jobs they have carried out, in many cases, for years.

The RMT have pushed for all these plans to be withdrawn and we continue to make that demand with Sodexo bosses.

However, Sodexo is pushing ahead and redundancy consultations are well under way at the company. RMT reps are available to assist any employee going through the process, or with any other concerns.

We are also looking to build membership in the catering grade and to enable Sodexo workers to take on the role of representative themselves. This is something the union will support you with should you be interested.


Here to support you

If you need a rep for a redundancy consultation meeting, you are interested in getting more involved with the union or you have any other concern, you can get in touch with us at:


Hundreds Sign Petition In Support of Sodexo Workers

RMT Activists launched a petition calling for the end of redundancies at Sodexo and the reversal of plans to replace fresh food with a frozen reheated alternative.

The petition was circulated online amongst tube workers and secured nearly 600 signatures in just three days, demonstrating the support London Underground workers have for colleagues who work in canteens, and the desire for good quality fresh food.

Sodexo should take note of the strength of feeling amongst Tube workers, the primary customers of these canteens, and stop their plan of devastating cuts.


Join RMT

Sodexo workers are encouraged to join the RMT and become a part of the fightback. As a member you can attend branch and raise your concerns and issues, have an RMT rep join you in meetings with management and offer advice at any time. You could become a rep yourself and lead the fight to make Sodexo a better employer.

For more info about the benefits of membership, or to sign up today, go to