Sodexo Catering

Brother Petrit Case Progresses

We note the report from our Regional Organiser, and further verbal reports indicating possible progress towards resolving the complaint against our representative. We instruct the General Secretary to place a report in front of us as to progress within seven days.

We further instruct the General Secretary to ensure as a matter of urgency that our instructions in our previous decision on this matter on 17 July are carried out.

RMT To Take Legal Advice On Whether Brother Petrit Mihaj's Employment Tribunal Success Against Sodexo Can be Used To Benefit Other Workers

"We...believe that the judgment in Mihaj vs Sodexo may be very useful for members in other companies"

We note with concern the correspondence advising that Brother Mihaj had not received the payment ordered by the Employment Tribunal within the required timescale, but note that he has now received the payment.

We further note that Brother Mihaj was successful in his Employment Tribunal application on the grounds that his employer did not use discretion in his case despite the contract of employment stating that discretion applied. We note that many employers routinely act in a similar fashion, for example refusing payments or applying disciplinary sanctions without exercising the discretion the contract or policy includes.

RMT Will Do All In Its Power To Defend Canteen Rep Petrit Mihaj Following His Success At An Employment Tribunal

We welcome the success of our representative Petrit Mihaj in winning the return of his deducted sick pay at Employment Tribunal. This vindicates our decision to pursue this case. We further note that Brother Mihaj and his representative are making constructive efforts to arrange his return to work.

However, following more than six months of suspension, Sodexho has now charged Petrit with misconduct, despite there having been no complaint made against him.

Canteen Workers Newsletter

You can view the newsletter here. If you want to help out, then please download it using the link below the article, print it and hand it out to Sodexo canteen staff at your workplace.

The RMT is the only union campaigning for Sodexo canteen workers

RMT believes in direct employment of all catering staff. The appallingly low wages paid to sub-contracted caterers has already been described.

Recruitment Campaign For Canteen And Cleaner Staff

RMT is organising to recruit more members who work as Cleaners and Canteen staff. We have a ballot coming up for ISS cleaners who's pay and benefits are woefully low for the hard work they do. At Sodexo the RMT is working hard to get recognition for the RMT,

This all depends on getting as many people signed up as possible. Remember cleaners and canteen staff can currently join the RMT for £1 a week.

Recruitment Plan For Canteen and Cleaner Staff

There are small group of reps and activists who are attempting to actively recruit cleaners and canteen staff in the london transport region.

Sodexo canteen workers have put in for a recognition agreement, their management have agreed dependant us on getting 50% +1 members, if we do not get the required number of members we will be barred from going for recognition again for 3 years.

Cleaners are to be balloted shortly due to a number of issues including an olympic recognition bonus which makes our task even more important.

RMT Sets Reduced-Rate Subscription for Initial Cleaners and Sodexho Canteen Staff

Canteen rep Petrit Mihaj

RMT has agreed reduced-rate subscriptions of £1 per week for workers at Initial Cleaners and Sodexho canteens in London Transport. This reduced rate is part of our organising campaign to achieve recognition in these two companies, and will be reviewed in 12 months' time.

Council of Executives Member's Report to Regional Council, September 2011

  • PAY
    • Alstom – referendum rejected 32-17
    • LU – offer rejected; talks at ACAS tomorrow
    • EDF Powerlink – improved offer – Regional Organiser to report
    • CTS – offer improved to 3.5%
    • Initial cleaners – pay uprated in line with London Living Wage – organising campaign underway
    • Issa Kanu reinstated
    • Jayesh Patel – Directors Review offered return to driver after 12 months – meeting sought