Sodexo plans to cut up to 30 jobs on the Tube
  • Please download and distribute the attached poster in your Sodexo canteen.

Sodexo has formally notified RMT of their intention to cut up to 30 posts from the TfL catering contract. RMT reps met with Sodexo management on 25 September and stated our union's total opposition to any job cuts whatsoever. Sodexo  catering workers should not bear the brunt of the economic crisis, or pay for it with their jobs.

Sodexo presented their cuts as something forced on them by the economic consequences of the Covid pandemic, but RMT reminded them that they had already approached the union with plans to make cuts in late 2019, when their contract with TfL was renewed. The cuts they are now proposing are substantially more extensive than those they initially proposed in late 2019/early 2020. We believe the bosses of Sodexo, a multinational corporation that generated €22.0 billion in revenue in 2019, are using the pandemic as a pretext to cut costs.

Although Sodexo's revenue has taken a hit in the economic downturn since the outbreak of the pandemic, we do not accept their claim that they cannot afford to maintain staffing levels on the TfL contract.

In the meeting on 25 September, RMT made a number of requests of Sodexo, including that they postpone the commencement of the consultation period on the potential redundancies, and that they open their books to RMT so we are able to scrutinise their claims that cuts are unavoidable, and propose alternatives.

Sodexo told us that they are open to discussing other ways of managing their proposed job cuts, including the non filling of vacancies and potential voluntary severance schemes. Although RMT will engage in such discussions, our policy is to oppose all job cuts – whether via compulsory redundancy or any other means. We are due to meet Sodexo managers again on 1st of October. If, despite our opposition, individual or collective consultations on potential redundancies commences after that point, it's vital that Sodexo workers exercise their right to be represented by their union in those meetings.

As RMT is formally recognised by Sodexo as the trade union representing workers on the TfL catering contract, all workers – whether or not you are an individual member of the RMT – are entitled to be accompanied to redundancy consultations by an RMT representative. However, we strongly urge any Sodexo worker not currently in RMT to join the union immediately. It is only via collective strength and organisation that we stand any chance of resisting these cuts. You can join the RMT online at

Do not meet management without your union! Contact the RMT. You can find contact details on the attached poster.