RMT official circulars

Circulars from RMT head office about issues in our region

Abolition of Night Tube grade dispute upcoming action suspended


Dear Colleagues,



I write to advise you that your NEC has decided to suspend the industrial action in this dispute planned to take place from 12:00 on Tuesday 3rd August 2021 and members are instructed to work normally on the following days:

• 12:00 hours on Tuesday 3rd August 2021 to 11.59 hours on Wednesday 4th August 2021

• 12:00 hours on Thursday 5th August 2021 to 11.59 hours on Friday 6th August 2021

Vital we defend final salary defined benefit TFL Pension Fund

Dear Colleagues,


Further to my email of 15th July 2021, the RMT has today received the Terms of Reference document from Transport for London setting out how they intend to process and conduct the review into the Transport for London Pension Fund. Your National Executive Committee will consider this matter and I will update you accordingly.

Self-isolation exemption: All workers have the right to work in a safe system and environment

Dear Colleague,


Following the publication of material by Network Rail* and the Department for Transport on emergency exemptions from self-isolation for certain critical transport workers, your National Executive Committee resolved as follows at its meeting on 22nd July 2021:

That we note the material on file from Network Rail and the Department for Transport on Emergency Exemptions from self-isolation for certain critical transport workers.

Meeting with TfL to discuss Covid safety measures

Dear colleague

Meeting with TfL to discuss Health & Safety measures re Covid-19 - 8th July 2021

Your lead officer and safety reps will be meeting TfL at a safety forum on 8th July.

RMT will insist that all measures to address the COVID pandemic must remain in place unless there is agreement with us to do otherwise. This includes the continued requirement to wear face-coverings on TfL services, social distancing requirements and ventilation standards.

This open attack on London's transport workers must be fought

Dear colleague,

TFL: No cuts, no austerity - unity is strength

This morning, your Regional Organiser and London Underground reps met with LU management to discuss the company's response to the government's funding settlement with TfL. At the meeting, London Underground managers invited the unions to work with them on implementing cuts.

RMT was absolutely clear in response. We told them that there was no question of this union colluding in implementing cuts in jobs, pay or terms and conditions.

London Transport Region - RMT mass meeting

23rd April 2021

Dear colleagues

London Transport Region - RMT mass meeting, Monday 26th April at 5pm

With reference to the above, a meeting will be taking place via Zoom. The meeting will be covering:

  • No Job losses
  • Defend the TfL pension
  • No deterioration in conditions

You've helped keep the tube moving throughout the Covid pandemic and the Union believes you should not accept your job, terms or pension being sacrificed to pay for the economic costs of Covid.

Speakers to include: