Industrial action

When negotiations fail, RMT members take action

Victoria Line Drivers' Strike - How Talks Got Us Nowhere

Steve Hedley, RMT Regional Organiser, writes ...

After meeting with Gerry Duffy and LU management yesterday, very little progress was made.

1 We asked for an immediate directors review for Carl Campbell which Mr Duffy turned down. We are of course still available to meet Mr Duffy up until nine o'clock tonight when the action commences to seek a resolution.

Victoria Line Dispute - Big Vote for Strike

Members at the depot can be rightly proud of the massive YES VOTE that has been returned in order to redress some serious injustices and points of issue that management have been ignoring which affect your day to day job. This is despite a massive effort to spread false information and attempt to undermine the democratic process. Let’s remind ourselves of the issues that we are asking you to take strike action over because there is a good chance that management will put a big effort in to persuade you the issues don’t exist!


Willesden Green Post Industrial Action Report

Happily, the industrial action between Wednesday 8th April and Thursday 9th April 2009 was a success.

Particular thanks go to the many managers who somehow found time in their “busy and demanding schedules” to keep seats warm at various stations. As a result, this freed staff taking industrial action to:

· Hand out thousands of leaflets to thousands of travelling customers informing them of the harassment, intimidation and bullying to which staff on the Willesden Green Group are subject.

Willesden Green Group - Station Staff Name Strike Date

Following an overwhelmimg yes vote for Industrial action and London Undergrounds refusal to invite the Equality and Human Rights Commission to investigate Managements discriminatory and abusive treatment of our members, a strike has been called as follows:

Members are not to book-on for any turns of duty that commence between 18.59 Hours on Wednesday 8th April and 18.58 Hours on Thursday 9th April 2009.

Strike Ballot on the Vic

Victoria line drivers at Seven Sisters depot are to be balloted for strike action in response to the increasingly hard-line approach of management towards staff. The recent sacking of Carl Campbell for an alleged wrong-side door opening incident has pushed the members at Seven Sisters beyond endurance, coming as it did after months of increasingly draconian management practices. At a meeting of the branch, it was agreed that the ballot would focus opposition to the company over four related issues:

  1. The grossly unfair sacking of Brother Carl Campbell;

Breakdown in Industrial Relations, Willesden Green Group - LUL

From RMT official circular IR/108/09, dated 2nd April 2009

As you are aware there was a ballot held for Willesden Green and the results for this ballot are shown below;

WILLESDEN GREEN GROUP ________________________STRIKE ACTION____SHORT OF STRIKE NUMBER VOTING YES______35_______________39 NUMBER VOTING NO_______18_______________13 SPOILT PAPERS___________0________________1 TOTAL VOTES____________53_______________53

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Willesden Green members for their resolve and support.

Breach of Disciplinary Procedures Dispute - Drivers - Piccadilly Line

From RMT official circular IR/108/09, dated 2nd April 2009

I write to congratulate you on a fantastic show of unity and solidarity that has been shown by the results of the ballot for industrial action. The results are shown below;

ARNOS GROVE ________________________SHORT OF STRIKE____STRIKE ACTION NUMBER VOTING YES______84__________________81 NUMBER VOTING NO_______0___________________3 SPOILT PAPERS__________ 0___________________0 TOTAL VOTES____________84__________________84


Breakdown in Industrial Relations Seven Sisters Depot – LUL

From RMT official circular IR/97/09, dated 19th March 2009

I received a report regarding a breakdown in industrial relations at the Seven Sisters Depot, the four main points being;

  • The dismissal of train driver Carl Campbell (who should be reinstated immediately)
  • A stop to the misuse of attendance and disciplinary procedures
  • The lack of proper installation of Correct Side Door Enable equipment as provided on all other lines
  • An end to the victimisation of RMT activist Glenroy Watson