Breakdown in Industrial Relations, Seven Sisters depot

Circular No. IR/170/09, 29th May 2009


I can confirm that the General Grades Committee has brought forward and extended the next period of strike action in support of the above dispute. The one day stoppage previously called for over 17th and 18th June is now called off and full details of the revised stoppage are given below.

However, I would firstly wish to applaud all Train Drivers at Seven Sisters Depot for their unity and resolve in standing up to such an aggressive management. I am sure that I do not have to tell you that the Victoria Line was completely shut down last week as a result of our strike.

As I said, the next strike has been brought forward and has been increased from a 24 hour to a 48 hour period. All Seven Sisters Train Operator Members are now instructed not to book on for any duty that commences between 18.59 hours on Tuesday 9th June and 18.58 hours on Thursday 11th June 2009.

I sincerely hope management see sense and take the opportunity to negotiate and resolve this dispute. If not, I am certain that the Victoria Line will again be shut down but this time for two whole days. Yours sincerely