Day For Dobbo !!

Support Kevin

Ballot papers have now gone out with regard to Kevin Dobinson’s sacking. As you know Kevin was sacked for an aggravated SPAD that he owned up to. Drivers on the line were shocked at the severity of Kevin’s punishment, most thinking that at worse Kevin would have been dipped for what he did. This has led to rumours that Kevin’s past record most have been a factor in his sacking. This is not so. Kevin has never had an aggravated SPAD before, or indeed any other serious safety incident.

You are left thinking therefore, that with LUL looking to save money and with them claiming that they are 100 drivers over establishment that Kevin’s sacking was politically motivated. Kevin’s case now goes to director’s appeal where again the petition signed by over 100 drivers on the line and testimonials from Elephant & Castle DMTs will be used in his defence. However, we need a big yes vote in this strike ballot to show management the strength of feeling on the line. A low turnout and slim yes vote will not help Kevin’s case.

Ask yourself this, if you were in Kevin’s position would you want your union and your workmates to pull out all the stops to save your job? Mistakes are easy to make on this job and we’ve all made them, no one should lose their livelihood for an aggravated SPAD. Recent events at Elephant & Castle have confirmed that management are out to get us, anyone of us could be next on their hit list. By showing that we are prepared to fight for Kevin today we show that we will defend all our members when management come for them.

Vote Yes