DLR: Vote Yes to Stop Roster Imposition


The above dispute remains ongoing and I am in the process of re-balloting these members for strike action and industrial action short of a strike.

To re-cap, the dispute originated last year from an attempt by management to force Control Room staff from a popular 12 hour roster to an 8 hour one. A successful ballot for industrial action forced them to pull back from implementation, but negotiations broke down and Serco again attempted to unilaterally implement the 12 hour roster.

This resulted in a second ballot which was again successful and again the company backed off. This ballot also served to make management negotiate more sensibly and last month a referendum of members was conducted on a negotiated offer from the company.

The deal was to pay each of our 26 Control Room member £5,000 up front to agree to the change from a 12 hour to an 8 hour roster that would be implemented on 1st October. After three months, on the assumption of a successful transition, a further payment of £1,000 would be made. This deal was put to a referendum of members, without a recommendation, and was overwhelmingly rejected by 12 votes to 7.

So in order to kick into touch any ideas management might have about implementation in October, as well as to strengthen our negotiating position, we find ourselves again balloting these members (the earlier ballot is now timed out).

Obviously, we are again urging a big YES vote to both questions on the ballot paper. You will be able to see the result of this ballot in the members’ area of the RMT website at www.rmt.org.uk/members following the close of the ballot. The ballot closes after first post on Tuesday 8th September 2009.