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Self-isolation exemption: All workers have the right to work in a safe system and environment

Dear Colleague,


Following the publication of material by Network Rail* and the Department for Transport on emergency exemptions from self-isolation for certain critical transport workers, your National Executive Committee resolved as follows at its meeting on 22nd July 2021:

That we note the material on file from Network Rail and the Department for Transport on Emergency Exemptions from self-isolation for certain critical transport workers.

RMT on staff isolation exemptions


Specialist transport union RMT on staff isolation exemptions

RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch said:

“RMT will give consideration to proposals from companies on critical workers exemptions but nobody should be under any illusions about how fraught with difficulty and potential danger any system will be to operate in practice.

Update on ‘workplace isolation exemption scheme’

covid-19 charter

Dear member,

Senior RMT Safety reps and the Regional Organiser this afternoon attended an ad-hoc Safety Forum to discuss LU’s intention to implement the ‘workplace isolation exemption scheme’ that The Government are now keen to roll out to key industries; TfL being one of those organisations.

TfL are obviously keen to utilise this scheme given the staffing problems occurring in various Controls Rooms due to staff self-isolating.

So how would it work?

RMT warns of self isolation surge due to face mask rule confusion

RMT warns of further surge in self isolation from Monday due to Government chaos and confusion over masks on transport services.

TRANSPORT UNION RMT warned today that the current surge in people being pinged with self-isolation instructions will jack up again on Monday due to the Government's confused and conflicting messaging with respect to mask wearing and other COVID safety measures on transport services from the 19th July.

General Secretary Mick Lynch said;

RMT warns political leaders of “fatal folly” of removing transport Covid protections

covid-19 charter
On the day politicians are set to confirm final steps in lifting of lockdown RMT warns political leaders of “fatal folly” of removing transport Covid protections
In a letter to Boris Johnson, Nicola Sturgeon and Mark Drakeford RMT has today warned of the fatal folly of removing Covid transport protections.
The warning comes as governments are finalising changes to Covid-19 protections.

Meeting with TfL to discuss Covid safety measures

Dear colleague

Meeting with TfL to discuss Health & Safety measures re Covid-19 - 8th July 2021

Your lead officer and safety reps will be meeting TfL at a safety forum on 8th July.

RMT will insist that all measures to address the COVID pandemic must remain in place unless there is agreement with us to do otherwise. This includes the continued requirement to wear face-coverings on TfL services, social distancing requirements and ventilation standards.

Covid rule change: RMT priority is the safety of our members

covid-19 charter

RMT responds to latest Government confusion in advance of announcement on July 19th move out of COVID measures

RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch said:

“Yet again there's a real danger of the government making up policy on the hoof on critical issues and that is reflected in the comments of ministers this morning.
“Back in the real world discussions are on-going at industry-wide level but all parties are having to second-guess what the government will say later today and that is not good enough.

RMT raise track noise demands at meeting with Tube bosses

All RMT Health & Safety Reps on the Northern, Victoria, Central and Jubilee Lines today attended a conference to look at excessive track noise on these line. A selection of managers and dedicated track personnel were in attendance.

- read the attached newsletter to get the full story. You can also downloads print and distribute it in your train crew accomodation.

RMT Upfront Health And Safety - June 2021

RMT Upfront is the newsletter for London Underground train drivers, produced by the RMT activists.

This edition focuses on health & safety issues:

  • ‘Flash n Dash’ Plan Rehashed?
  • Secure Cabs

Please download the attached newsletter to read more, and print, display and distribute it in your train crew accommodation.

Tier 2 Stations news: stay safe in the hot weather

Whilst the company believes wearing a pink hi vis contributes something to customer service, in this hot and humid weather it can in fact contribute detrimentally to your health, safety and wellbeing.

Knowing your rights as a worker is vital!

The Health and Safety at Work Act, The Workplace Health Safety and Welfare Regulations, and The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations protect workers against employers who
put your safety at risk.