Resolution progress reports

Reports on progress with resolutions passed by the Regional Council.

Resolutions Passed At Regional Council September 2013

These resolutions were passed at the Regional Council meeting held in September 2013.

Oyster Cards Resolution
This branch is appalled at the error that removes money from people's wave and pay accounts instead of their oyster. We believe TfL should publicise this matter and repay any monies collected by mistake. We call on our Union to contact TfL and demand these actions are done

Eastern European Migrant Workers

Motion Passed At LTRC August 2013

This motion passed at the LTRC has been posted privately for logged in members only. click here to see the other motions passed

Overseas Ownership of Railways
We are disappointed by the RMT press release of June 24, 'RMT AGM hears of full extent of overseas take over of Britain's railways'. We oppose all profiteering ownership of the railways, regardless of the nationality of the owners.

Motions Passed at Regional Council Meeting July 2013

Funding Cuts
We are appalled by the Chancellor's announcement of a 9% funding cut to the Department for Transport, including a 12.5% funding cut to Transport for London. This savage cut can only lead to attacks on jobs, conditions, service standards and safety on all TfL services: London Underground, London Overground, buses, DLR and others.

We believe that the union should not wait for the detail of these cuts to be announced, but should launch a campaign now, building on our previous work and based around:

TfL Long Service Awards

From General Secretary Bob Crow

Further to my previous circular dated 30th April 2013 (IR/255/13), branches will recall that I wrote to TfL expressing concerns over the lack of consultation over this policy change. The above matter has now been considered by the General Grades Committee and the following decision has been taken:-

Update On RMT TUC Motion Regarding Sentencing Of Murderer Of Steven Simpson

The Trades Union Congress Disability Conference carried an emergency motion submitted by RMT calling for a review of the sentence given to Jordan Sheard for the killing of Steven Simpson, on grounds that the attack should have been treated as disability and homophobic hate crime (as well as unacceptable comments from the judge).

RMT LGBT Conference 2013 and Executive Report

Attached below is the conference agenda, slide show from the conference and minutes from 2012.

Conference report

This year’s conference was the first two day LGBT conference in its 15 year history. It was held in sunny Blackpool in a hotel on the promenade. From Skyping Ugandan gay rights activist Frank Mugisha, to our General Secretary Bob Crow telling us of his pride at marching alongside members at London Pride it was a conference to remember.

Bob Crow

RMT Resolution On Steven Simpson's Murder Passed Unanimously At TUC Disabled Workers' Conference

The RMT took a motion on the tragic death of Steven Simpson to the TUC Disability conference. The motion details how Steven, a young gay man who was autistic, was brutally killed. On his 18th birthday, he was doused in tanning oil and set alight - he died the next day.

The judge in the case Roger Keen dismissed the crime as ‘good-natured horseplay’ that had gone too far, and sentenced Sheard to a unusually short sentence of just three and a half years in prison.

Jubilee South Branch Resolutions April 2013

London Transport branch 'Jubilee South' passed the following resolutions at today's meeting. All three will now go the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender conference which is being held in Blackpool next month.

In addition to passing the motion on the charity 'Gay Men Fighting Aids' the branch also decided that a donation will be made to the group and further ways of supporting GMFA - such as affiliation - be investigated.

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Thatcher's Legacy of homophobia