Resolution progress reports

Reports on progress with resolutions passed by the Regional Council.

RMT to Consider Website Improvements and an 'App'

RMT Council of Executives decisions:

RMT Membership ‘App’

That we note the resolution from the London Transport Regional Council and we see the positive nature that an ‘App’ could do for our union. The General Secretary is to invite a suitable software designer to give a presentation to the Council of Executives on the benefits and the protection we would need to bring this idea forward.

RMT Website

Executive decision: Awards for Activists

Council of Executives decision:

That we note this resolution and that this request has not come from the families of the unfortunate deceased.

However, it would be inappropriate to name awards after activists due to the amount of activists that we have in this Union.

If the families of any activists or members want a memorial the General Secretary is to arrange for this to be in the Garden at Maritime House.

Threat to Withdraw Staff Nominee Travel Facilities

RMT's General Grades Committee decision:

We welcome the resolution from our London Transport Regional Council on this matter, and reaffirm our determination to preserve the right of TfL and London Underground employees to both a staff pass and a nominee pass. We also reaffirm that the fact that an employee may nominate a person who lives at the same address as them for a nominee pass, regardless of their personal relationship with them, is progressive and egalitarian, and we will defend it.

Report on Progress of Resolutions - October 2009


National Young Members Advisory Committee – Formation as per Rule Book

The General Secretary refused to accept this resolution for the agenda of the Council of Executives, as it attempted to “instruct” them to ensure that the union’s rules are carried out and a Young Members’ Advisory Committee properly established. Recommendation: we resubmit this resolution with the phrase “This branch instructs” replaced by “This Regional Council requests”.

Future of the Jobs/Pay/Justice Dispute

Cleaners: Progress with Regional Council's request for renewed campaign

Following the resolution passed by our Regional Council in March, the union's General Grades Committee (part of the national executive) made the following decision on June 1st. The latest report is that "work is in progress".


That we note the resolution from the LT Regional Council and the continuing sackings of our cleaner members and the need to build up our membership in this important grade.

We also take into consideration the recent meeting with our Parliamentary Group, which is placed on file.

The General Secretary is therefore instructed:

Report on Progress of Resolutions - August 2009

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Reverse Privatisation

  • This resolution was for submission to the Council of Executives. It will be discussed by them at their next meeting, which I believe is in the week starting Monday 7 September.

Fighting the BNP

  • This resolution had three specific mandates:

Report on Progress of Resolutions - May 2009

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‘Blame the bosses’

  • This resolution is a statement of policy which contains no proposals for action: there is therefore no indication that the Regional Council needs to do anything to implement it. However, any suggestions are welcome.

Stop Post Office Privatisation

  • I have forwarded this resolution to the CWU’s Regional Council.
  • I have invited the secretary of the CWU’s Regional Council to address our mass meeting.

Report on Progress of Resolutions - April 2009

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  • This resolution was passed on to the Council of Executives.
  • The Regional Council has resourced one of our sacked cleaner reps to carry out organising work around depots for two days per week for three weeks (cost: £630).
  • We are holding a cleaners’ organising week this week, funding three reps to carry out this activity (cost: £1,050).
  • This money is from additional funding from head office specifically for this organising activity.

Report on Progress of Resolutions - March 2009

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G20 demonstration

  • The union nationally and regionally has publicised the demo on Saturday 28 March widely; we expect a good turnout!
  • Other protests during the week of the G20 have been publicised on our website and regional mailing.

Metronet Redundancies / Metronet & LUL Pay & Conditions / Request for Ballot (all taken together)