Resolution progress reports

Reports on progress with resolutions passed by the Regional Council.

Regional Council Executive Report March 2013

The London Transport Region's Executive Member has given a report to the London Transport region at the recent Regional Council.

For full details all RMT members are invited to come to the meeting.

Regional Council meetings are held at the Exmouth Arms near Euston Station at 1630 on the last Thursday of the month, except June and December.

Recognition agreement signed
Pay and conditions claim to be drafted

RMT complaints policy
Bob Carnegie
International solidarity conference in Paris

RMT Defends NHS

RMT Council of Executives decision: We note the resolution [from London Transport Regional Council] and tthat we are already affiliated to the Health Emergency campaign and that our policies are clearly in support of defending the NHS. We continue to work with broad based movements to defend the NHS and reiterate our support for the founding principles of the NHS and reiterate our policy of opposing the privatisation of the NHS. The General Secretary to obtain appropriate literature to enable Branches and Regional Councils to support campaigning to defend the NHS.

We Intend To Stand Firm. We Intend To Stand Our Ground. We Intend To Fight All Job Cuts

From General Secretary Bob Crow
A resolution was received from our East Ham Branch was as follows: -

“We note TfL’s determination to bulldoze through further job cuts on London Underground (LU) and we note previous duplicitous statements by senior LU managers that customers and staff should be assured that all LU stations will continue to be staffed at all times and all stations with a ticket office will continue to have one.

RMT Welcomes Use Of Boarding Ramps For Passengers With Mobility Impairments Wherever Sufficient Trained Staff Are Available For There Safe Usage

From General Secretary Bob Crow

The following resolution was passed by London Transport Regional Council;

“That our Union supports the continuing use of boarding ramps to enable access for mobility impaired passengers to London Undergrounds trains. We insist that this is properly risk assessed and that there are always adequate numbers of staff on every station to facilitate use of the ramps.”

The General Grades Committee met to consider the matter and made the following decision;

Resolutions Carried At London Transport Regional Meeting October 2012 - PMAs

This resolution was passed at the October LTRC meeting. The other motions passed can be found here.

A resolution has already been noted and passed in respect of PMA’s no longer being involved in "any" aspect of disciplinaries and that "disciplinaries" are postponed until a full investigation is carried out ref: official circular no: 437.