A message to Tube passengers from Tube staff


London Underground plans to:

  • get rid of around 800 station staff posts
  • reduce ticket office opening times by around 7,500 hours
  • carry out essential maintenance checks on trains every four weeks instead of every two weeks
  • cut the number of train drivers’ posts

Tube trade unions RMT and TSSA have tried for months to persuade London Underground to scrap these unnecessary and dangerous cuts. We have spent hours in talks, have lobbied politicians, and have won lots of support from passengers. But London Underground and the Mayor have not listened.

London Underground has left members of the two unions with no choice but to hold strikes and other industrial action. We are prepared to lose money by striking because we are not prepared to see London’s workers and passengers put at risk, left without help, or have vital services withdrawn. We are professional railway staff and we want to be able to do our jobs safely and properly.

We believe that people who live in, visit and work in London need:

  • a safe, secure London Underground
  • open ticket offices
  • more Tube staff, not fewer
  • job opportunities for unemployed people and school-leavers

We understand that strikes can cause disruption and distress. We want the staff cuts withdrawn so that we do not have to carry on striking. Please support our campaign.


Fewer station staff means:

  • a less safe London Underground
  • less information and help during delays and disruptions
  • it will be harder to evacuate stations quickly and safely in the event of an emergency eg. fire, crash, bombing
  • less help for disabled, elderly and other vulnerable passengers
  • less chance of you getting the help you need with directions, information, lost property, accidents or other issues
  • less deterrent to assault, vandalism and other harmful behaviour
  • you will feel less secure travelling around London Underground

Shorter ticket office opening hours means you will not be able to get a ticket seller’s help when:

  • you have a problem with your ticket or Oyster
  • the ticket machines are not working (which will happen more often with fewer staff to service them)
  • you need to buy a ticket that is not available elsewhere
  • you believe that the ticketing system has treated you unfairly
  • your ticket or Oyster does not work
  • you want the ‘personal touch’ in dealing with your issue

Less frequent train maintenance and fewer drivers means:

  • trains potentially going into passenger services with defective brakes and other parts
  • serious risk of accidents, injuries and even deaths
  • trains more likely to be cancelled and therefore more delays to your journey

Support our campaign against staffing cuts: